Thing I’ve learned from using Typeform

Typeform is one of my favorite online tools. It helps me to improve productivity, get responses in a visually elegant way. But most importantly, it helps me to think through complex logic with ease while creating effective and beautiful survey experience.

Luckily, my training in terms of building survey wasn’t coming from anything academic. It’s more inspired by my daily works as a consultant & interaction designer who deeply cares about getting quality content through asking right questions.

Things I learned from using Typeform are... 
( some early thoughts... )

Always define what you want to learn from this survey first
Talk to your team, explain what Typeform can do for you, and why it’s better and different. Make sure you are aligned on what’s one thing to learn from this survey & why.

Create outline & spending time to make it short
Create the outline in TextEdit if you are still new to Typeform, it helps internal communication. On Typeform, spending time to combine lengthy lines, repeated logics, and build up right jumps.

Prototype with small amount before publishing
Once your survey is built, try it your self, read the lines loud and see if it’s like conversational not investigating. ALWAYS find the fresh eyes, even they are NOT your target audience. You must have people who have never used Typeform before on your trial.

Reviewing results and metric from multiple aspects
We don't react to complex spread sheet on our Macbook Pro screen. Try to re-format the data you captured and ask different questions. Try some new features on Typeform and submit suggestion to their team. 

These are some early thoughts after using Typeform 10-15 times. Some learnings around interaction design on Typeform are very value-able and worthy to think further as well.

It isn’t just about what the tool can do, but how the tool helps you get better quality outcome truly matters.