VPN Services in China

Designers in China have limited access to the rest of internet because of the digital Great Wall. The digital Great Wall blocks out key digital services such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. It also slows down our favorite tools such as Dropbox, Slack, InVision or Basecamp.

That’s why VPN services is critical to our everyday productivity. If you are university students, you may be able to find affordable VPN services through friends or taobao. If you are professionals, you may be able to use companies who have oversea office or purchase professional VPN services. However, most of them are on and off all the time.

Here is a short list of most stable VPN services I’ve used in the last 3 months.

TechRuno has best stability on all my mobile devices. It always works on iOS. However, on all my laptops purchased in China, I have to use WebVPN to get TechRuno going. It also has pretty responsive services.

This saves my life for being able to sync Dropbox on my laptop. VPNCloud is my new hero VPN. Hopefully it stays that way. 

Most people around me use this but it has never been friendly to me. You have to find the right host to be able to log-in. And there’s no way you know it when it updates. (from my personal experience)

This is by no mean a professional investigation on VPN services in China. It’s a quick handy reference for whoever needs this.

Although there’s no light in digital freedom, there’re hopes in the dark. 

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